In 2012 


The last two years of high school, I studied Photography in Antwerp. Discontent with the lack of professionalism the school offered, I set out to teach myself photography by focussing on studio work and assisting established photographers such as Laura Ivorra, Zhang JingnaJoey L and Erwin Olaf. From these experiences I gained a broader understanding of photography from pre- to post-production. Due to a personal setback, however, I got out of touch with my need to create new work and ended up putting everything on hold.

Now, 5 years later, I'd like to apply and refresh the skillset I've acquired with an ambitious personal project - RE:WORK - in which I will recreate a selection of my favourite paintings. This tried-and-true exercise will put everything I've learned to the test and result in a body of work that clearly represents the quality, ambition and professionalism I aim to deliver. To further explain the idea behind this project, I'd like to share an example from the photoshoot "Exquisite Corpses" by Erwin Olaf, which I attended back in 2012.

The assignment was the recreation of a painting from